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Pike Road Pre-K – an Alabama First Class Pre-K


Future residents may enter their names in the pre-registration; however, students must be residents of the Town of Pike Road at the time of the lottery drawing. Addresses will be compared to the legal map of the Town of Pike Road on the workday prior to the lottery drawing. Officials will remove the names of non-residents from the list. Only current residents will be included in the lottery drawing.

Children must be four years of age on or before September 1*, based on acceptable documentation, such as birth certificates, passports, official medical documents, or official documents from other countries. Children who are 5 years of age and are eligible for Kindergarten may not enroll in Alabama First Class Pre-K. 

P.R.S. has FOUR First Class Pre-K classrooms.

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Applications are also available in Spanish and Korean.

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P.O.P.P.I.E. (Preparing Our Preschool Patriots In Every way) program provides a developmentally appropriate, inclusive environment for learners with and without disabilities. Our goal is to provide a balanced variety of developmentally appropriate experiences designed to foster learning and social development for all children. We incorporate language-rich skill-based instruction using age-appropriate learning activities. Our goal is to help every child succeed in a safe, respectful, nurturing, and challenging environment. Our curriculum is based on state standards that are incorporated into different themes or units. Children have the opportunity to learn and play with their peers in a variety of different ways. Various activities, both teacher-led and student-initiated, will allow children to grow into independent preschoolers.

In the Fall of 2015, we saw a need to serve our preschool-aged special needs population in an inclusive setting. We wanted to create a learning environment that provided the learners with developmentally appropriate practices incorporating a sense of acceptance, a place of belonging, and an environment where differences don't mean different. This allows the learners to learn typical developmental skills from not only their lead learners but from their peers as well. Every child is given an opportunity to reach their full potential. All learners learn together regardless of their ability level. Our inaugural class started on December 01, 2015. We began with a 50/50 split, learners with special needs and typically developing peers. This has been our goal percentage each year. Over the years we have served learners with a variety of disabilities and our typically developing peers have been children of our P.R.S. employees. Each year we continue to grow and always look forward to serving every child that we welcome into our class. 

Learners who exhibit at least a 25% delay in two or more developmental areas and have qualified for Special Education services may be placed in the P.O.P.P.I.E. program at ages 3 or 4 as determined by their Individualized Education Program (I.E.P.) team. The five developmental areas are adaptive, personal-social, communication, motor, and cognitive skills. If you think your child may have a disability or a significant delay in one or more of these areas, please contact