PRHS ACT/SAT Information



According to the Harvard Educational Review, “Clearly, there is evidence that students can successfully train for the SAT and that the more time they devote to training, the higher their scores will be.” ACT states “Selected test preparation efforts can be beneficial to students.” They recommend short-term review programs and long-term instructional programs, depending on the student’s needs (The ACT Test Preparation Reference Manual for Teachers and Counselors, p.2).

1.  Books by Barron’s, Arco, and Cliff Notes on how to prepare for the ACT and/or SAT are available at
     local bookstores.

2.  Private preparation courses offered include:

     Auburn University Montgomery OutReach
     (334) 244-3339

     Huntington Learning Center
     3251 Malcolm Drive
     Montgomery, AL 36116
     (334) 213-9296

     Sylvan Learning Center
     2640 Zelda Road
     Montgomery, AL 36107
     (334) 262-0043

3.  Websites assessment information accommodation & National Test Center options for students with disabilities - registration, sample test questions, college search, financial aid estimator and more - test prep, college planning, financial aid, choosing college major - test prep for SAT  - practice tests ACT/SAT