State Assessment Information

Global Scholar

The 2017 ACT Aspire assessment is not being used in Alabama after 2017. The Alabama State Department of Education has decided to use our Scantron Performance Series progress monitoring tool Global Scholar beginning of the year and end of the year assessment to look at a growth model for our students and schools. A new parent report will be created this year that shows the growth from the beginning of the year to the end of the year for each student for reading and math.

Global Scholar is an assessment that is not given in a set amount of time for each tester, but rather a computer multiple choice assessment that gives harder questions based on how well the student answers the prior questions. Thus, the assessment can take some students longer than other students to finish as the next time a student takes the assessment, the test will start that student with questions on a level that the student was successful at the last time the student took the assessment. Sometimes, students will work on one administration of the assessment over more than one day as the program determines the right level of questions to give the student.

For information on student assessment in our state, please check the state department website or contact all your school counselor.